Forgivable Employee Loans

A problem stockbrokers routinely face involves repayment of "forgivable loans" brokerage firms often provide upon hiring.

These loans are initially presented to the broker as a hiring bonus, and are forgiven over time. But if the broker leaves the job for any reason before the loan is completely repaid, the loan becomes due immediately. This is a frequent cause of disputes. I have represented a large number of individual brokers whose forgivable loans were accelerated upon their separation from employment. Usually, this involves a negotiation as to the amount to be repaid, and the time frame for repayment. Less frequently, reasons can be found that will cause the loan to be forgiven.

Los Angeles Forgivable Loan Repayment Representation

As your lawyer, I can often negotiate discounted settlements in forgivable loan disputes and/or repayments on a schedule you can afford.

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Resolving Form U-4 And U-5 Issues

I can assist you in navigating any Form U-4 or U-5 issue so that you are not financially punished for changing your employment. I can also represent you if you believe your termination from a job was illegal or if your former employer is seeking to limit your ability to work through a defamatory Form U-5 or an illegal noncompete agreement.

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